May your day be filled with Love, Joy, and Bliss.

Cultivating a Love of Life with Microbes and Spiritual Awareness

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Natural Farming is a way of life.

We believe the soil is our way to optimum health. May your gardens heal your souls.

A Walk With Tori and Dujon on 6 Degrees From Cannabis

On this podcast Tori and Dujon break down his introduction to cultivating cannabis, regenerative Ag, how Cultivating Classics came into fruition, and a touch on Human design.

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Indigenous Micro Organisms

IMO also known as Indigenous Micro Organisms are the key to any natural farming system. Bringing the Indigenous Micro Organisms from your natural environment allows your garden to live in harmony with its' environment.

Love Thyself and Love Nature

Learning to love yourself and nature reaps major benefits. In this photo we have collected a few biodynamic accumulators to make an Aerated Tea for the garden

Follow the Law of Nature

"What you need is what is around you, enjoy the process of natural farming."-Master Cho

Kris giving thanks to the Microbes

During the summer of 2021, Kris went out and planted a few boxes. This was the first IMO1 collection he did by himself and the microbes responded very well!

Rights of Natural Farming

Right Nutrient

Right Dose

Right Time

-Master Cho